Skin: dry and thin

Lips: thin
Hair: fine and brown

Eyes: small
Build: thin 

Soft, light or olive coloured skin with fine pores. Unbalanced Vata skin tends to be thin, dry and dehydrated.
In more severe cases the skin may be itchy and may flake or crack.


Skin: sensitive  

Lips: normal
Hair: blonde or red
Eyes: normal
Build: normal 

Bright and rosy skin, with medium-sized pores and a few freckles. Unba-lanced Pitta skin is more sensitive, reddish or overly freckled, and with a tendency to irritations and rashes..


Skin: oily and impure Lips: large
Hair: dark
Eyes: big
Build: robust

Very soft and smooth to the touch, wrinkles appear late in life. Unbalanced Kapha skin tends to be thick and oily with dilated pores, especially on cheeks, nose and forehead; it is also prone to acne.



Is your skin thin, delicate and with almost invisible pores? Does it tend to be dry? When stressed, or in harsh weather conditions does your skin tend to be excessively dry, flaky, rough, dull or even scaly? Does it tend to redden? Does your skin show early signs of ageing, like fine wrinkles? Is your skin looking more tired and duller than it should?


Lakshmi has studied the Vata line specifically for skin with these problems. Vata products supply the skin with a regular source of hydration and nourishment. The Vata line guarantees the wellbeing of the skin, restoring its natural balance thanks to precious cold pressed vegetable oils, vegetable extracts from Carob tree seeds, Myrothamnus flabellifolia (Resurrection plant), Tamarind seeds, Argan oil, Jasmine, Basil and thanks to essential amino acids. These ingredients restore the skin’s natural elasticity, provide long term moisturization and increase the skin’s ability to defend itself against negative environmental conditions. In addition, the skin’s quality and energy are dynamised by precious elements such as emerald, coral and malachite powders, obtained with a method that has its roots in the millenary wisdom of Ayurveda.



24 hour non-stop moisturization. Skin protection against extreme climatic conditions. Tests have shown that 30 minutes after application skin hydration and softness increase by 46%. Immediate reduction of that unpleasant “tight skin” feeling. Tired and taut skin becomes fresh and relaxed. Plumping effect, small wrinkles are visibly reduced.




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