• Hydration Bomb for Dry Skin

    Hydration Bomb Skincare Ritual for dry Skin


    Orange Flower Cleansing Milk Vata, 200 ml

    Peeling-Gommage Naturel Chandan100 ml

    Avocado Toner Vata 200 ml

    Holy Basil Mask Vata 15 pieces 10 ml

    Ultra moisturizing Vata Serum 30 ml

    Jasmine cream Balancing Vata 50 ml

    Vata Stress Free Life Synergy 30 ml


    Skin Problem: Thin, delicate and with almost invisible pores Skin. Tend to be dry and with harsh weather conditions tend to be excessively flaky, rough, dull or even scaly. When the skin show signs of ageing, like fine wrinkles or is loo­king more tired and duller.

    Skin Solution: Non-stop 24 hour moisturisation. Skin pro­tection against extreme weather conditions. Tests have shown that 30 minutes after application skin hydration and soft­ness increase by 46%. Immediate reduc­tion of that unpleasant “tight skin” feeling. Tired and taut skin becomes fresh and re­laxed. Plumping effect; small wrinkles are visibly reduced.


    Your Hydration Beauty Ritual:


    Start your beauty ritual in the morning and evening by cleansing your skin with Orange flower cleansing milk, to remove sebum or make up from your face. This is the most important step of the entire ritual and the use of a specific product does not alter the skin’s balance by cleansing it too much or too little.


    Apply a peeling product once a week according to the type of skin. In the case of impure skin this step can be repeated twice a week. This step favors the skin regeneration processes by deeply exfoliating the skin and favoring improved absorption of the active ingredients.


    Apply the Avocado toner. This step is often neglected but it is very important to remove any cleansing milk residue; it completes the cleansing process, rebalances the pH and closes the pores.


    We recommend rebalancing the skin at least once a week with a Holy Basil face mask suitable for your skin. This step provides the skin with functional active ingredients and works deeply on skin imperfections.


    Complete the ritual by nourishing and protecting the skin with the synergic use of the most Super moisturizing Vata serum and the Jasmine cream. The serum penetrates rapidly into the skin tissues favouring the absorption of the cream and providing deep nourishment and the cream gives 24h release of hydration.



    Vata Essential Oil Synergy  “Stress Free Relaxation” 30 ml

    A powerful relaxing and harmonizing synergy that favors harmony, gentleness and emotional stability. The synergy contains the following essential oils: holy basil, fennel, lavender, estragon, marjoram. Excellent for use in diffusers at home or in the office. Perfect also for aroma lam­ps. Ideal also for aromatherapy baths, hand baths, foot baths, inhala­tions and massages diluted in vegetable oil. It balances Vata.

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