Essential Oils PRUCHE (Tsuga Canadensis ) 10 ml

PRUCHE (Tsuga Canadensis ) 10 ml

Available formats:
Code 1525 – 10 ml Bottle

• Decreases Vata and Kapha.
• Increases Pitta.
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Suitable in cases of asthma, respiratory problems.
• Beneficial effect in cases of cystitis, leucorrhoea, uterine prolapse.
• Improves face skin tone and elasticity.
• Anti-infective, anti-inflammatory.
• Has a strong antiseptic, antimicrobial and expectorant action.
• Suitable in cases of laryngitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, thyroid problems.

• In diffusers or in the bath gives a wonderful sense of peace and serenity ,”opens the heart” and gives stability.
• Against anxiety, depression, stress, lack of roots.
• 5° chakra activator, it is related to communication, verbal expression and free expression.
• Nervous rebalancing action.
• Helps to have a more balanced view of the events and be more focused.
• Is one of the essential oils recommended in the Essene therapies to help a serene parting from dying people.


    Ingredients: Tsuga Canadensis Oil, Limonene.

    SUGGESTED USE: mix 10 drops with 20ml of massage oil and massage the skin.Warnings: skin cosmetic for external use only. Only apply to unblemished skin. Avoid eyes contact. In case of accidental contact, rinse with water. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not expose to sunlight. Store at room temperature.




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