Lakshmi ranges made of products developed in line with Ayurvedic Naturopathy and Aromatherapy principles, with the most Advanced Cosmetic Knowledge.  This Holistic approach of skin care aims to balance a person’s body to achieve optimal skin condition, through plant sources.

Lakshmi Skin Care has been created to offer beauty products in harmony with Nature. For over 26 years works in the wellness sector and natural cosmetics. Lakshmi owning one of the Largest European Organic Cosmetic Laboratory, has developed a line of absolutely extraordinary cosmetics having full control of the production. The Organic Natural products and the essential oils enhance beauty and excellence to all types of skins.






Lakshmi’s creams are based on wheat germ liposomes. Liposomes are phospholipids which have a great affinity with our skin. Liposomes have a very minute molecular structure that allows them to carry water and nutrients to the dermis (deepest layer where wrinkles form), effectively fighting the formation of wrinkles and dehydration.



We use “in toto” extracts, scientifically called BIOSOMES. Biosomes are a combination of both the active and non-active parts of the plant. Generally only the active components of a plant are extracted to prepare cosmetic products. When the delicate balance between active and non-active components is broken the effectiveness is no longer based on harmony and therefore unpleasant side effects may arise.



Lakshmi adopts new natural high performance active principles, certified as organic, developed by scientific research toward new frontiers in the field of vegetable products. Lakshmi uses new vegetable biopolymer compounds that make its product extraordinarily effective in total respect of the environment.



The “natural moisturization factor” (nmf) commonly used in cosmetics is not usually natural. LAKSHMI products contain an unbeatable and 100 % natural moisturizing factor made up of aloe vera juice, mucilage of mallow and althea.  It offers superb moisturization.Lakshmi products have the same ph as the skin.



There are natural and precious substances which are necessary for the health and beauty of our skin and body and they are called:  “essential fatty acids”Cell membranes are mainly made up of “essential fatty acids” which our body does not produce. They can only be found in cold pressed vegetable oils and herbs and play a fundamental role in cell regeneration. In fact they are very important to prevent wrinkles and skin aging. “Essential fatty acids” are destroyed by hot pressing processes and are not found in animal substances, synthetic substances, petroleum derivatives or mineral oil.This is one of the secrets behind the extraordinary effectiveness of our products.



Lakshmi is the first company in Italy to introduce extracts obtained with certified vegetable glycerine and is using them to replace the glycolic extracts obtained with propylene glycol. The glyceric extracts are obtained using organically cultivated plants.



The fragrance of the products is obtained by using natural essential oils which amplify the effectiveness of the product. The essential oils used are 100% pure and natural, obtained through low-pressure distillation in order to preserve all their energy.



All vegetable oils such as sesame oil, wheat germ oil, and jojoba oil are cold pressed to preserve all their properties. Lakshmi does not use animal fats, mineral oils or petroleum derivates as they have no affinity with the skin.



Lakshmi uses grapefruit seed extract, glycine soja, vitamins A, E, C, and essential oils. Grapefruit seed extract diluted in certified vegetable glycerine is a natural preservative without any negative side effects; it is actually very beneficial for the skin. Research carried out in the USA has shown that it can be beneficial for many skin problems.



The delicate colour of our products is given by the natural components: curcuma, henna, chlorophyll and aloe vera. For this reason the delicate colour of our products may change in time.



Lakshmi follows the precious instructions of the millenary wisdom of Ayurveda to process sesame oil and in the use of particular herbal extracts such as, Shatavari, Aswagandha, Haritaki, Gotu Kola. Lakshmi’s products are created specifically for the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha, to create an internal balance fundamental for health and beauty.

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Certified Products CONTAINS


Certified Products


  • PEGs, silicones, acrylates, EDTA, BHT, BHA, PPG, 

  • Organohalogen compounds, propylene glycol, parabens and isomethylisothiazolinone 

  • Petrolatums 

  • Sodium lauryl sulphate 

  • Synthetic colouring agents 

  • Components of animal origin 

  • Chemical preservatives

  • Active principles certified as ORGANIC 

  • Excellent natural fragrances obtained from plant synergy 

  • Essential oils and natural vegetable extracts 

  • Ecological packaging 

  • Packaging made of ecological cellulose fibres obtained from sustainably managed forests 

  • Plants from biodynamic and organic cultivations and wild plants 

  • Preservatives allowed by the ICEA certifying bodies: 

  • Grapefruit seed extract, vitamins A, E, C, and essential oils 

  • 100% pure and natural essential oils 

  • The finished product and the ingredients are not tested on animals 

  • Cold pressed vegetable oils 

  • Important Ayurvedic teachings 

  • Wheat germ liposomes that carry the precious moisturizing,  nourishing and restructuring substances to the dermis 

  • “In toto” vegetable extracts for an effective 

        and balanced action without side effects 


Organic Skincare

Following very strict controls Lakshmi’s cosmetics have been awarded the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) eco-organic certification, that certifies that human and environmental health are guaranteed through the use of raw materials of Natural Origin with reduced environmental impact. (For more info visit www.icea.info)
In addition, Lakshmi uses natural ingredients obtained from plants cultivated with organic, biodynamic and wild farming; these include for example phytoextracts, floral waters from aromatic plants, highly eudermic vegetable emulsifiers, cold pressed vegetable oils and 100% pure essential oils. BIOLOGICAL RAW MATERIAL USE To use organic raw materials that do not alter the delicate balance between man and Nature. We believe that if we offend Mother Earth in any way we will pay the consequences in many ways.

WHY ORGANIC? It is an ethical choice that safeguards the environment. There is greater certainty of offering a purer, therefore more concentrated and effective, product. A natural product has greater affinity with our body.It gives added value to the product.

The entirn a contact with Nature, which might otherwise be lost in a world which is often too artificial: after all, despite progress, our requirements remain unchanged. e raw material production process and the processing of final products are subjected to strict and accurate controls. Most importantly, organic products main tai We privilege the use of organically grown plants and wild plants. This type of cultivation respects the natural growth of plants allowing them to develop the vitality and properties necessary to carry out their functions.

Ayurveda is a very complete therapeutic science, which has been practiced for over 5000 years in India, but it is also a philosophy and a way of life.

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means ayur = “life” and veda = “science” or “knowledge”. Ayurveda leads to self-discovery according to individual needs. This science reveals the interconnection between the skin, all the elements of your body and vital processes: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Ayurveda considers a person as a whole and focuses on rebalancing the person and creating harmony. Originally, the great sages of the Himalayas developed the concept of the five basic elements by observing nature, and from there the concept of the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Ayurveda aims to bring harmony and balance to a person, thanks to specific habits, tastes, herbs, aromas, massages and treatments that engage all five senses to rebalance the Doshas of one’s basic constitution. Cosmetics must also comply with the same principles to achieve the desired long-lasting results.
Lakshmi has developed an extraordinary cosmetic line that combines the wisdom of Ayurveda, Aromatology and Naturopathy with state-of-the-art know how in the cosmetic field, natural organic products and essential oils.

Lakshmi does not only deal with the visible part of a problem but it offers treatments, massages and products that create both physical and mental balance, treating the root of the problem to achieve and maintain radiant, healthy, vital, velvety and silky soft skin.




Skin: oily and impure Lips: large
Hair: dark
Eyes: big
Build: robust

Skin: sensitive  

lips: normal
Hair: blonde or red
Eyes: normal
Build: normal 

Skin: dry and thin

Lips: thin
Hair: fine and brown

Eyes: small
Build: thin 

Bright and rosy skin, with medium-sized pores and a few freckles. Unba-lanced Pitta skin is more sensitive, reddish or overly freckled, and with a tendency to irritations and rashes..

Soft, light or olive coloured skin with fine pores. Unbalanced Vata skin tends to be thin, dry and dehydrated.
In more severe cases the skin may be itchy and may flake or crack.

Very soft and smooth to the touch, wrinkles appear late in life. Unbalanced Kapha skin tends to be thick and oily with dilated pores, especially on cheeks, nose and forehead; it is also prone to acne.



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