Night-time Skin Care Routine

It is always very important to know the status of our skin for a youthful complexion, to prevent skin damage and premature aging. Lakshmi  always suggest to get a professional consultation from a Beauty Expert or as we do in our Lakshmi Boutique and SPA (Oxford Circus) we use the advance technology of a Skin Analysis Camera in 7 steps to check the levels of Hydration, Elasticity, Sebum, Acne, Pores, Melanin and Hemoglobin, plus the consultation of our professional Therapist this will address you to the bespoke home treatment solution.

If you are dealing with a lack of free time, you are overwhelmed by commitments and work you could always reserve to yourself just 10-15 minutes before bed time for the perfect Night-time Skincare Routine.


Starting from age 25, skin slowly lose, hydration, elasticity and tone. Free radicals and toxins destroy the collagen fibers and we have lower levels of substances (copper, vitamins A, C, E, F) that stimulate the natural production of these new proteins.

After age of 30 the skin gradually loses its natural moisture and during 40 all these process start to be visible. It is extremely important always to follow some steps that can save our skin and choose carefully the best products that guaranteed "REAL" results.

​Here are the basic step easy and quick to follow, that will begin to give great results day by day:

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The Night Time Skin Care Routine Gift Box



Products needed:

  • Cotton pads

  • Micellar Water

  • Cleansing Milk

  • Face Toner

  • Night Anti Aging Serum

  • Night Anti Aging Cream


* Weekly  Scrub and Mask are suggested.


Step 1:

Every evening it is important to remove the impurity and the make up with a rich Cleaning Milk. Pour some Cleansing Milk onto a natural sponge or cotton pads in order to perfectly clean the skin and let her regenerate and repair during the nighttime. 

Apply the milk into the face with very small circles to improve also the blood circulation and let the products to be absorb by the skin.

*For heavy make up especially in the eye contour area and lip we suggest to use for a quick and fresh result a specific Micellar Water


Step 2:

Get rid of the remaining impurity and refresh your skin with the Toner that should be gently press onto the face with a cotton pad. The toner is the first step of hydration for our skin so it is always important include it in our skincare routine. It also re balance the Ph and prepare the skin for the serum!

Step 3: 

The serum is the booster of the cream results. Serums could be water based or oil based and contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients and nutrients such as Vitamin C, E and K. The molecules in serums are smaller then a cream and act as a carrier for plant extract to penetrate deeply in the pores and epidermis. When mix together, serums and moisturizers act as the perfect blend that to improve your skincare results.


Step 4:

The night cream is the last step of our skin care routine and also the moment where we can treat our self with a nice relaxing massage to let the products better absorbed by the skin. Our skin follow different cycle during the night and the day therefore need different products formula. During the evening and night is more open to receive rich ingredients due to its higher temperature, the epidermal water loss is higher and as the skin cell regeneration. So our skin deserve a products that will help and enhance the effect of the self regeneration to reach the perfect morning complexion!



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