Do you suffer from edemas? Swelling? Is cellulite mainly present on the front and outer parts of your legs? Do you suffer from swollen ankles or heavy legs? Do you have visible capillaries or veins?


Fight the imperfections caused by water retention and bad circulation and fight edematous cellulite with Lakshmi’s Garshan Dren treatment.
Draining and detoxifying treatment that favours the elimination of fluids and the removal of waste from tissues thanks to ivy, horse chestnut, seaweed, aloe vera and capsicum vegetable extracts and orange, eucalyptus, lemon, ginger, juniper and lavender essential oils. Garshan Dren offers much more thanks to the extraordinary PhytoBioactive active principles derived from the Porphyridium cruentum microalga, which improve the heavy leg syndrome, and from a protein that will be the basis for a new generation of slimming cosmetics thanks to its capacity to reduce the hypertrophy and hyperplasia of adipose tissue.


Reduced orange peel skin and cellulite; toned, compact, soft and smooth skin; reduced fluid stagnation; light feeling legs without swollen ankles. This is a personalised treatment created, according to the Ayurvedic philosophy of global harmonisation, for the specific constitutional type (Dosha) that suffers from overweight and localised fat deposits. This treatment offers an intense feeling of wellbeing. A true intensive treatment against cellulite characterised by edemas and fluid and toxin stagnation.



The word Swedana comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "sweat", "perspire", "fomentation", "soften".


The heat absorbed, meets the high concentration of water molecules in the capillary bed and of subcutaneous fat deposits that are subjected to a whole series of physical and physiological reactions. The heat that reaches the cells improves cell catalysis (elimination of toxins), metabolism, vasodilation, capillary pressure and the elimination of fluids. The main aim of Swedana is to dilate the srotas or body channels in order to eliminate toxins from the body tissues. The steam bath (swedana) cleanses the skin more deeply than a normal bath or shower.

The hot and humid current hydrates the stratum corneum of the epidermis which also retains more water. The skin pores open and the sweat and sebaceous glands, stimulated by heat, secrete their secretions and solutes and the water-soaked skin is practically washed also from the inside, resulting in much deeper cleansing, not only of the epidermis, but also of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

In addition, the temperature 40-55 ° C in steam current apparently has bactericidal properties, especially in the areas closest to the steam output (feet, hands and perineum).

The quicker healing of wounds and skin mycoses confirms this statement. When the hot and humid stimulus is prolonged for a sufficient period of time the skin’s temperature increases and can even go above 37°C. 

A steam bath that reinforces the cardiac pump, increases blood circulation speed and leads to the sympathetic vasoconstriction of the splanchnic, muscular-skeletal and renal zones.It may be assumed therefore, that the sum of these effects leads to the decongestion of the vessels of many vascular zones as the blood circulates faster, deeply cleaning and

reactivating the vascular bed and accelerating the metabolism and vital processes. The contemporaneous action of heat and vapour stimulates blood and lymph circulation, dissolves toxins and metabolic waste and helps to eliminate them through perspiration.

The beneficial combined action of heat and steam frees the epidermis of impurities leaving it bright and elastic.

SWEDANA adopts an excellent method that produces a very pleasant flow of steam and a uniform distribution of heat. In 2-3 minutes the Swedana is filled with heat and steam like a professional steam bath, with the advantage that the client's head remains outside.

The client lying comfortably on the massage bed may change position in total comfort and privacy. The Swedana measures 220 cm x 76 cm (variable) width, 58 cm high, weighs 1,5 Kg.

This equipment will improve the quality of the service provide to your customer and it will visibly boost the treatments results.

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