In 1980 I took part in one of the first courses on Ayurveda which was held in New Delhi. I decided to take part in the course because at that time I used to teach yoga and meditation. The course was entitled “Pioneers of Ayurveda”. During the course we learned the deep value of Ayurveda and a new way of perceiving the life on earth of human beings. It was a deep vision that described the connection between man and seasons, the influence of food on our health, the influence of plants, herbs, emotions, love and thoughts on our physiology. Our minds and hearts opened to a new unexpected and fascinating view of life. We learned to recognise the three basic body types (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and their combinations.

If when you are born Air and Ether are the most predominant elements (out of the five) then Vata is your predominant body type.  You will be healthy, balanced and feel well if you eat certain food rather than other, if you do more sport or take an interest in new things, if you follow a daily routine rather than another. Every day was a new discovery; our enthusiasm soared to new heights! I discovered that there are herbs, plants and flowers that can increase or decrease Vata, Pitta and Kapha and rebalance them. That was when I had the idea to produce cosmetics with plant, herb and flower extracts to balance and harmonise Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In the beauty sector Vata has dry and dehydrated skin, Pitta has sensitive skin that tends to suffer from couperose and Kapha has oily skin and excess sebum. This is the story of the origins of a line of cosmetic products which year after year satisfies all the professional beauty requirements with a wide range of products. We pursued our dream. A dream considered impossible by everyone: to produce completely natural cosmetics. Our determination led us to establish a cosmetic laboratory in Tuscany. We started with a small laboratory of 70 square metres.


Now it is one of the largest laboratories of natural products in Europe, with more than 2 millions pieces produced every year. At last in our laboratory we could make our dream come true, thanks also to two great cosmetologists with a passion for natural products. Today almost all our products are completely natural and have been certified as natural by ICEA, the association that certifies natural products. Lakshmi represents our dream come true: Ethical Beauty.  Lakshmi’s deepest and most vital aim is to transfer the inseparable “Beauty and Well-being” combination into everyday life. The result is an extraordinary line of cosmetics “Made with Joy”, conceived and produced with joy, love and respect.

THE COMPANY Lakshmi, for over 26 years (Since 1990) in the wellness sector and natural cosmetics, comes from a deep passion for the East and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Lakshmi has developed a line of absolutely extraordinary cosmetics by combining the wisdom of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Aromatherapy with the most advanced cosmetic knowledge, the organic natural products and the essential oils to bring beauty and excellence to skin of all types based on the Doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha).

For over twenty years Lakshmi has been producing more than 300 Certified Eco-Organic products, not tested on animals. Showing coherence and commitment to its ethical values.

Edited on 29th September 2016

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Learning to live with sensitivity and respect for all living animals, plants and the environment of our planet.
Lakshmi independently is free and open to all approaches of those who are motivated towards the evolution of the planet, to live naturally healthy, happily and creatively.
Lakshmi offers a com-plete range of training courses structured by combining in-depth knowledge and the most appropriate practical methodologies.
Lakshmi also offers a wide range of natu- ral products that draw on the intelligence that Mother Nature has enclosed in plants.
Lakshmi offers you with love and joy this gift for an extraordinarily healthy, beauti- ful, happy and harmonious life. Outer beauty depends on inner beauty.
The skin reflects the health, well-being, joy, inner balance, or vice versa imbalances, problems and disease. The real beauty and perfect health are attained when the human being lives in total harmony with the laws of nature and the universe.
The soul, body and spirit can be harmonized perfectly and allow “Ojas” (subtle energy) to manifest itself in its totality.
Lakshmi’s MISSION is to contribute to the development and circulation of Consciousness and holistic knowledge to improve the quality of life of human beings.



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